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Magnesium Oxide

As well as any other magnesium salts, magnesium oxide is rich in magnesium, therefore being suitable to be used in many industries to improve productivity. Early in the rubber industry application, the bulk form of magnesium oxide is the only one available. Nowadays, the development of magnesium oxide generates higher purity, smaller particle size, and more active activity. The agriculture and feed industry used magnesium oxide to improve magnesium content on selected products manufactured from both industries. We provide magnesium oxide in different grades, quantities, and packaging for your market and industry solution.

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Manufacturing Process

Magnesium oxide is obtained by conducting calcination or thermal treatment of magnesium hydroxide or magnesium carbonate in high temperatures in the absence or limited supply of oxygen.




Magnesium oxide provides magnesium nutrients for magnesium-deficient soils and crops.

Animal Feed

Magnesium oxide promotes the reproductive ability of livestock and poultry by increasing the magnesium nutrient.

Beauty and Personal Care

Magnesium oxide is an active ingredient in cosmetics that prevent body odours.


IUPAC Name : Magnesium Oxide

Chemical Formula : MgO

Cas No. : 1309-48-4

Appearance : White Powder

HS Code : 25199040